Sync your indexed and processed entities to an AWS DynamoDB table

  1. Follow the instructions in the main page.

  2. Add the dynamodb.accesskey and dynamodb.secretkey secrets to your cluster:

flair secret set -n 'dynamodb.accesskey' -v 'AKIxxxxx'
flair secret set -n 'dynamodb.secretkey' -v 'Wxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
  1. Change the connector to "dynamodb" in the table configuration anywhere you have a "sink", i.e. in both streaming and batch .sql files:

CREATE TABLE sink_Swap (
    `entityId` STRING,
    `entityUpdatedAt` BIGINT,
    `chainId` INT,
    `contractAddress` STRING,
    `horizon` STRING,
    `blockNumber` BIGINT,
    `blockTimestamp` BIGINT,
    `forkIndex` INT,
    `transactionIndex` INT,
    `logIndex` INT,
    `localIndex` INT,
    `txHash` STRING,
    `txTo` STRING,
    `txFrom` STRING,
    `assetId` STRING,
    `resolver` STRING,
) PARTITIONED BY (`entityId`) WITH (
    'connector' = 'dynamodb',
    'aws.region' = 'eu-central-1',
    'table-name' = 'my_swaps_table_name_here',
    'aws.credentials.provider' = 'BASIC',
    'aws.credentials.basic.accesskeyid' = '{{ secret("dynamodb.accesskey") }}',
    'aws.credentials.basic.secretkey' = '{{ secret("dynamodb.secretkey") }}'
  1. To deploy real-time streaming, or manually trigger full table sync, follow the main instructions.

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