Managed cluster resources will be charged per-usage as you go

🥰 Free Forever

For personal or projects under development you can use Flair up to these limitations forever for free:
  • Indexers (i.e. chains): 8 different chains (up to 8 RPC endpoints per chain)
  • Events: 30,000 / month (any number of events or factory contracts)
  • Processors: 10 (each processor can handle multiple events)
  • Backfills: 1 hour / month (enough to backfill 25 million historical blocks)

🚀 Scale Plan

You can configure max spent for your usage-based resources such as number of events processed.
A cluster is a group of indexers and processors. Usually per environment (dev/prod) and per project (Uniswap v2,v3)
A namespace is globally unique and analogous to a "collection" which contains all your data entities for all chains. Usually only 1 per env (dev/prod). e.g. sushiswap-dev
$10 / chain
1,000 EVM Chains
Each indexer listens to real-time on-chain events. You only need to pay for this if real-time ingestion is enabled.
$0.0008 / event
Each contract emitted event that is handled by processors. If an event is captured by 2 processors it'll count as 2.
$5 / month
100 Max per cluster (Soft limit)
A processor is a handler that listens to 1 or more events.
$30 / month
128 Max per cluster (Soft limit)
How many enrichers you have. For example "pool-total-volume-aggregation".
$0.0008 / event
1 million blocks
Backfilling in on-demand mode allows you to quickly run your processors for historical data.
$0.3 / hour / instance
Provisioned backfilling is built for large historical data and is charged based on how many compute instances are running for how many hours.
$1 / GB
Depends on how many logs you generate based on current LOG_LEVEL config you set.
$1 / month / GB
Depends on how much data you store in the database.
Database Writes
$2.5 / 1 million
How many writes to the database for example when upserting event data or any other entity. This only includes write inside the processors, not any queries on your final destination database.
Database Reads
$0.5 / 1 million
When you're reading inside the processors. This does not include reading from your own database for user-facing queries.
Database Sync
$30 / month
For real-time database syncs you will basically run 1 streaming enricher (that will sync as many tables).
Grafana Dashboard (Alerts & Logs)
$20 / developer seat
1 per organization
Using Grafana UI you can explore your logs, and set alarms related to your processors errors or RPC node health checks.

Estimate for your project

We can help you estimate costs based on your specific use-case before any commitment, please reach out to our engineers to do it in less than 30 minutes.
We are more than happy to provide a custom pricing for your project if these predefined plans are not properly efficient for your use-case.

Example case for a small DeFi protocol

Imagine a DeFi protocol with around 10,000 users (active positions), they store all their Withdraws, Deposits, and show the data on their frontend.
  • Cluster: small
  • Indexers for 2 chains: 2 x $10 = $20 / month
  • 5 processors: 5 x $5 = $25 / month
  • 1000 events / month: 1k x $0.0008 = $0.8 / month
  • 1 enricher: 1 x $5 = $5 / month
    • 10 Pools (to calculate total-volume / day) = 10 x 30 days x $0.0004 = $0.12 / month
  • Database Writes: < 1 million → $2.5 / month
  • Database Reads: < 1 million → $0.5 / month
  • Storage: < 1 GB → $1 / month
  • Logs: < 1 GB → $1 / month
Final: ~$56 / month
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