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Flair provides modular building blocks to integrate web3 into your application and business, with minimum friction.


Fastest way to get familiar with ready-made and customizable solutions is to explore the Flair Dashboard.



Based on level of abstraction you are comfortable with, you can use highest-level building blocks (Embeds, Widgets, etc.) down to fully customizing (React hooks, Smart contracts, etc.) to your needs. Everything is open-source and fully in your control.

Getting Started

  1. Install the dependency (uses ethers.js v5.x, and wagmi v0.6.x):
npm install @flair-sdk/react
  1. Wrap your app with the provider:
import { FlairProvider } from "@flair-sdk/react";

<App />
// ...

Next step?

Now that you have installed Flair SDK, and know what you can expect it is time to explore the SDK based on the use-case you're looking for: