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Flair provides modular building blocks to integrate NFTs into your world, with minimum friction.


Let's discover Flair in less than 5 minutes.

  1. Launch NFT sales with pre-sale and public-sale capability.
  2. Learn how to upload your NFT metadata (title, image, traits, etc.)
  3. Reward your holders for staking their NFTs.
  4. Revenue sharing with your team and community.


Based on level of abstraction you are comfortable with, you can use highest-level building blocks (Embeds, Widgets, etc.) down to fully customizing (React hooks, Smart contracts, etc.) to your needs. Everything is open-source and fully in your control.

Getting Started

  1. Install the dependency (uses ethers.js v5.x, and tailwindcss v3.x):
npm install flair-sdk
  1. Wrap your app with the provider:
import {[FlairProvider](../../index.mdx#getting-started)} from "flair-sdk";

<App />
// ...

For convenience, the flair-sdk NPM package includes all libraries, if you prefer to install individual libraries visit


  • NFT Collections: Issue non-fungible assets on the blockchain, with full control over the smart contract, using various customizable extensions such as cross-marketplace royalty, return & refund, public sales, custom minting etc.
  • Address Lists: Create and manage a list of addresses (e.g. allowlist or mintlist) based on certain conditions such wallet wallet balance, highest NFT floor, holding of certain NFTs.
  • NFT Staking: Provide the ability to lock NFTs for certain period and receive benefits accordingly.

Next step?

Now that you have installed Flair SDK, and know what you can expect it is time to explore the SDK based on the use-case you're looking for.