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Flair SDK

Flair SDK provides various building blocks based on nature of your use-case, these include:

  • Dashboard GUI: many capabilities are available via the dashboard for convenience (even though they are provided below).
  • React Components: many features such as mint button, supply statistics, etc. are provided as easy-to-use components.
  • React Hooks: many operations are provided hooks such as mint function, checking allowlist status, getting supply or managing price.
  • REST APIs: few off-chain workloads are provided as simple HTTP APIs for you, such as generating a merkle proof for allowlisting.
  • Node.js Middlewares: certain features such as token gates are provided as easy-to-use Express and Fastify middleware.
  • Contract Presets: for most common use-cases presets are provided (e.g. ERC721 Full Featured), these are integration of most common extensions (Pre-sale, Public-sale, Royalty, etc).
  • Contract Extensions: every specific use-case is cleanly extracted as separate Solidity extensions so you can mix and match based on your exact use-case.

Connect Wallet

Provide a seamless wallet connect experience, using ready-made ConnectButton supporting major wallets.

  • Features: MetaMask, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet. Network Switcher. Allow custom chains.
  • Facilities: React Hooks & Components.

Explore Wallet for more details.

NFT Collections

Create non-fungible assets on a blockchain accordingly to ERC721 standard using Flair SDK.

You are able to deploy your own contract, customize based on various extensions, provide a seamless minting experience, and integrate with major marketplaces with out-of-box components.

  • Features: ERC721, Public Sales, Pre Sales, Allowlisting, Free Mint, Admin Mint, 1-of-1 Mint, Cross-marketplace Royalty (OpenSea, Rarible, ERC2981, etc.), Proceeds Split, Metadata Management, Supply Tracking.
  • Facilities: Dashboard GUI, Widgets, React Hooks & Components, Solidity Contracts (Presets and Extensions), REST APIs.

Explore NFT Collections for more details.

Address Lists

Also known as Allowlists or Mintlists, allow you to collect user wallets based on certain conditions.

  • Features: Requiring a certain balance in the wallet, Holding NFTs from a certain collection, Holding any NFT of a certain floor price, Have followed a certain Twitter account, Have a certain Discord role.
  • Facilities: Dashboard GUI, Webflow Templates, Discord Bots, React Hooks & Components, REST APIs.

Explore Address Lists for more details.

Token Streams

Also known as Staking, allow you to reward your NFT collectors with ERC20 tokens based on certain conditions.

  • Features: Receive rewards over time for holding NFTs, Receive rewards for locking away NFTs in a staking contract, etc.
  • Facilities: Dashboard GUI, Webflow Templates, Ready-made Widgets, React Hooks & Components, REST APIs.

Explore Token Streams for more details.